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We love stories and stories connect us to the storyteller.  Connection is the beginning of a strong business

We learn from stories.  Information is easy to understand when it comes in the form of a story

When we know the story, we trust the storyteller.  It creates an emotional link that grows our trust.

Bournemouth Uni end of course final business pitches.

Get your FREE elevator pitch workbook  

We respect your email privacy

What I do

Build your message

Once we know the why, we can put your business message together that is unique to you.

Discover your story

Using my timeline discovery, we unearth your story, creating the why you do what you do.

Link it to your business

Now your business is ready to grow through the trust you create through your story and business message.

VIP Coaching

6 month bespoke coaching

Following the 6 principles that make you a great Public Speaker and grow your business

Virtual VIP online coaching

For the busy business owner who wants to focus and get it done in a day. Intense coaching to get your message bang on.

Corporate Coaching

Knowing what your business message is, is deeper than just having a 'Mission Statement'. Make sure your staff understand your message when talking to custoemrs.

The ultimate speaking package

Month to month coaching with me to get you speaking with confidence and growing your business.  Become a professional speaker and spread your message.

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