3 Unique Ways to Utilise Facebook for Your Business

Connect Your Personal Profile with Your Business Page
While you cannot directly use your personal Facebook page to market your business, you can utilise it to promote the content and business news that you share with your customers. By sharing the content from your business page with your personal contacts, you can broaden your reach and introduce your business to a new network of potential customers. If you have employees, you can also get them to promote your company page by sharing, liking, and commenting on the content you share on your Business Page. 

Comment on Popular Facebook Business Pages
While you might be hesitant to scope out and comment on the content shared by other businesses, it can be extremely beneficial for your business. Visiting the pages of the biggest companies in your niche will allow you to learn about their marketing strategies, interact with other users that have the same interests as you, and get more chances to promote your own Facebook Business Page. However, you need to remember to use your Business name and not your personal name when you comment on popular Facebook pages. 

Utilise Videos
Sometimes, words aren't enough to get people to sit up and take notice. This is why you should create videos once a month. You can feature Q&As, where the questions coming from your fans and followers, business updates, and promotions. Make sure you upload your videos to YouTube before you share them on Facebook so that you can double your views and significantly expand your business reach.

Facebook is one of the most effective weapons your business can have regarding marketing. However, you must be observant, up-to-date, and always willing to learn if you want to succeed. Start growing your business with these three unique marketing strategies that are proven to work. 


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