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Our programmes

Our programmes are designed to be easy to access, easy to put into practice and get you results. If there is a particular skill you want to be coached on, then get in touch.

Your 60-second pitch

We all know that feeling at networking meetings, when they go around the table and you have 60-seconds to tell them what you do.  Create the perfect elevator pitch that you can deliver with confidence and clarity.


Stories sell.  That is fact.  Yet so many people struggle to create their story or think they don’t have one.  Everyone has a story and you can develop your and link it to your business message.  Stories grow your business.

Build your speech

A good structured speech takes the stress out of you.  It allows you to know where you are going with your speech and the audience are able to follow along with you.  This means they are more likely to buy from you.

Paid speaking

Getting paid to speak means you need a new set of skills that will engage with event organisers.

Ongoing coaching

Take your speaking journey to the next level and get monthly coaching to become a paid speaker.

Fear to fearless

Take some of the stress and fear  out of public speaking in 6 easy steps.