VIP Virtual One Day online Coaching

Are you clear about your Business Message?


Your Key To Success:


Spend one day with me online and we will discover your message, create your story, build your emotional attraction to future clients and you will be able to deliver your message in public with confidence and clarity.

The 3 elements that will set you apart.

Your Message

We dive deep into what you do, why you do it and begin the process of crafting your message to your ideal client.

Your Audience

Who do you want to talk to and where are they. Find out how to connect with them, how you want to speak to them and what they want to hear.

Your Story

We build your timeline and put your story together that will resonate with your audience allowing you to speak to people who are ready and eager to work with you.

The day starts at 10.00am and we work for 2 hours.  You then get a break to go and digest what we have done.  We come back together after a 2 hour break and work for another 2 hours.  You then go and have another 2 hour reflection time and to work on things.   Our final 2 hour session brings it all together.

You also get 1 month of follow up and access to the VIP membership where new resources will be updated regularly.

Stories are remembered and when they link with your business message they elevate you and your business to another level.    Everyone has a story, and stories engage with your clients and customers on an emotional level. 

Create long time customers and clients who become a part of your story.

Ready to invest and create clarity in your business?


Want to chat and see if this is for you or find out what other coaching is available?

"Working with Bev really help me hone in on what we actually do and the value we deliver to a range of customers. During the one day coaching session, we got clarity on our big purpose, specifically, who we serve, and the results we achieve for our clients. Bev helped us realise the enormity of the transformation we bring about in financial services through our work. Something we didn't appreciate. The one day session has helped clarify our message and this will certainly help us in rolling out our ambitious strategy. I would highly recommend working with Bev."
Jay Tikam
Founded Vedanvi to help bring new Fintech ventures to the market

What ever you decide to do, I am ready to support you through your public speaking journey.

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